January Home Maintenance Moment

Save your home from extensive repairs later from water, fire or mold damage by doing monthly maintenance now.

Performing regular home maintenance helps extend the life of your appliances, systems like HVAC or plumbing, and can help save you tens of thousands of dollars on premature replacement and repair bills from water damage, mold damage or fire damage. Each month we’ll explore some basic home maintenance items to help keep your home healthy, safe and well maintained on a regular basis. 

January Maintenance List:

  • Every month maintenance: Change HVAC filters (every 1-3 months), look for leaks around toilets and sinks, inspect grout and caulking, test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, trip GFCI outlets, check around outside looking for issues with foundation, vents, gutters, downspouts and drainpipes
  • Check for pests around the foundation or any wood at ground level
  • Keep trees trimmed 6ft away from roofline to discourage pests
  • Flush water heater and drain the sediment
  • Clean windows and frames, wash and repair screens

Your home is possibly the largest purchase of your life. Neglecting minor issues can lead to more significant problems and ultimately higher repair costs. Take care of your home today to protect it tomorrow. Fixing small water leaks or issues now will help prevent major water damage or mold damage later to your home which can be costly. Take the time to check your home out each month to keep all the systems running smoothly. If you find any damage reach out to Restoration 1 of East Surprise for a free inspection to take care of it right away.

“A house is built with walls and beams; a home is framed with love and dreams.” -unknown

(These lists are not a substitute for handling all your specific home maintenance and repair needs or manufacturer requirements and guidelines).