Get Rid Of Mold

Tips For Getting Rid of Mold in Surprise AZ

Mold is a relatively common occurrence. You can find certain species of mold growing in between the tiles of your bathroom, on cardboard boxes in the back of the garage and sometimes inside your drywall. Mold is everywhere. A small amount likely won’t make you very ill, but it you don’t remedy the mold quickly, it can spread and increase exponentially. Mold can ruin your home, health and possessions if you don’t take care of it.

Before mold affects your health, call a restoration company. . Their certified technicians will be able to safely eliminate any current mold problems you may have. Don’t think bleach will take care of any mold issues you have. Restoration technicians will also enact preventative measures to stop any recurring mold. 

Preventing Mold and Mildew At Home

Mold is everywhere inside and outside your home. You can find spores in every environment (and every room of your home!). Usually those spores don’t pose a problem, they need a few things to be “just right” to begin reproducing and spreading into a colony. Mold colonies are a more difficult problem because they can release myotoxins into the air that can lead to all sorts of health troubles. Mold needs heat and humidity to grow and spread so keeping those two factors down will dramatically help your home.

Here are a few tips to keep mold spores from creating colonies in your home:

  • In really damp areas, add a dehumidifier and keep indoor humidity levels between 30%-50% to prevent mold build up.
  • Avoid storing any organic materials (linen, books, furniture) in any areas where they may become damp (even from airborn moisture) and stay damp for a prolonged period of time.
  • Open the bathroom door after showering to release moisture buildup and run the vents to properly ventilate the room. 
  • If you have tile in the bathroom, seal the grout each year to waterproof those areas that get wet often.

Getting Rid of a Mold Problem

When you find mold in your home, you want to remove it fast and you may be tempted to DIY the job, but BE CAREFUL! We don’t recommend  trying to remove mold yourself, it can put your own health at risk and removing mold incorrectly can release mold spores into the air, spreading the colony to other parts of your home making the problem worse! If you are going to tackle it yourself, here’s a few tips:

  • DO NOT use bleach to clean mold. It’s a wide-spread myth that bleach will kill and clean a mold issue in your home. Typically it’s a temporary solution and the mold will return.
  • DO use Borax mixed with hot water and apply to the area. Do not apply to porous surfaces because it will actually exacerbate the mold.
  • DO NOT put air movement on the affected area (no fans). Air movement will spread mold spores to unaffected areas.
  • DO dry out the area completely. Mold needs humidity and warmth to grow. If you completely dry the area, it won’t kill the mold that you already have but it will keep it from spreading further. Use a dehumidifier to dry the area out without air movement.
  • DO find the source. Mold is commonly caused by high humidity, moisture or a water leak. Make sure you eliminate the source or you’ll continue to fight mold colonies in the area.

We recommend getting any mold colonies properly taken care of with a TRAINED technician from Restoration 1 of East Surprise who will set up containment and properly remove the mold colonies you have found in your home. You can get your house back to clean and normal as quickly as possible.