February Home Maintenance Moment

February offers the perfect weather for working outside on your home in Arizona. Spending a few hours on regular maintenance of your home will help keep everything in working order longer. Neglecting minor issues can result in major damage later. A small leak in the roof can lead to water damage, mold growth and structural issues. By catching and addressing the issues early, you can save yourself the cost and headache of extensive and expensive repairs later.

February Maintenance List:

  • Every month maintenance: Change HVAC filters (every 1-3 months), look for leaks around toilets and sinks, inspect grout and caulking, test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, trip GFCI outlets, check around outside looking for issues with foundation, vents, gutters, downspouts and drainpipes
  • Check your home for water damage-windows, pipes, home foundation. Check and replace bad caulking around windows/doors and sliding joints.
  • Doors: oil hinges, locks and handles; oil garage door tracks and tighten bolts
  • Check for exterior damage: check flashing and reseal as needed; renail loose siding or trim boards; check for rotting wood and repair

“A house protects from the rain, but a home shelters from the storms of life” -unknown

(These lists are not a substitute for handling all your specific home maintenance and repair needs or manufacturer requirements and guidelines).

Give Restoration 1 of East Surprise a call if you see any damage for a free inspection and step-by-step understanding of the process of restoration.

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